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    Another dawn Eyes on display Tension shawn Anxious for final say The fifth President to be,pawn Whoever wins, deserve anyway. Change for better We fought for men In government Forgotten then, we are clever Awaken in unity we are meant Call of separation, Never! A Nation to bleed again, we can’t. Soldiers of peace Fight […]

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    Barely anything new All along it’s rephrase. And that’s art. © Jmoresay



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    Election dayTransition day,Hakuna matataReflected by banter9th Sun is belowIt won’t turn all yellowFive years next? Politician orphanReminisce the pastSurpassed hell castPeace,no more 20072022 is heavenNo violence what next? Glue in mindReligious heralds pleedOf ethics let’s heedSword double edgedTo seculars and agedSpread next? Rooted togetherOne nation,not dissectIrrational in leaders electDemocracy in fieldNational Anthem,our shieldAfter election,what next? […]

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