Election day
Transition day,Hakuna matata
Reflected by banter
9th Sun is below
It won’t turn all yellow
Five years next?

Politician orphan
Reminisce the past
Surpassed hell cast
Peace,no more 2007
2022 is heaven
No violence what next?

Glue in mind
Religious heralds pleed
Of ethics let’s heed
Sword double edged
To seculars and aged
Spread next?

Rooted together
One nation,not dissect
Irrational in leaders elect
Democracy in field
National Anthem,our shield
After election,what next?

Vigilance potray
Mwaure’s calmness
Wajackoyah’s confidence
Ruto’s boldness
Raila’s consistence
It won’t turn all blue.
After results,what next?



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