If it  fails
We go back home
To find our ways
The missing piece alone

Our soul , our inner beauty
From the evil world
Happiness in equity
Where we find meaning of every word

Healing from rejection sword
Wounds of friendly spear
Echoes of their words
Our heart spare

Embracing peace in satire
From mental torture and depression
We rained love in Sahara
It fade with abrasion

Home is safe
We all knows
Our hidden treasure from mischief
We leave when real ones shows.
© Jmoresay

17 thoughts on “SOLITUDE HOME

  1. A daily reminder …

    This is a daily reminder
    To relax,
    To not get angry over small things,
    To stay calm.

    This is a daily reminder
    To be yourself,
    To not care what people think,
    To know you can be anything.

    This is a daily reminder
    To love yourself,
    To not hurt yourself,
    To not work yourself up.

    This is a daily reminder
    That you are the best
    That you are amazing,
    That you will quench the thirst

    This is a daily reminder
    To always have hope,
    To have faith
    To know everything will be okay.

    This is a daily reminder
    That you have made it so far already,
    That you haven’t given up,
    That whatever you’re doing is right,
    And that you are going to be amazing.

    Don’t give up.
    Keep holding on and believing

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  2. Great ink brother,keep moving.
    Should see this part also,

    Gone are the days,
    Days that made us part ways
    Days of sorrows and cries
    Days with longer nights and days
    Days that made us weary and weaker

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  3. Good work.
    Let me leave a piece from one of mine poems.
    ________ _________ ______
    This life dear mate
    Depends on your fate.
    Irregardless whether you ate,
    This life is no joke
    When you joke you choke.

    The professionals laments
    And the poor it torments
    Coz, this world; knows no mercy
    Only mama and papa..
    Know mercy.


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  4. A hard world my friend. Today more mass killings in the USA. President Biden, like President Obama and President Clinton wants better gun laws. But the pro-gun Republican party supported by the contractors who sell guns. President Biden. He said today. We must change the USA gun laws and he told the press. Will be a impossible task. The Republican will stop. I agree. Home must feel safe. They killed four college kids while they slept last week. I am praying for peace.

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      1. Yes James. But we must keep the young people busy and the young people need opportunity. If children had nothing to do. They will find trouble. Once in the USA. We had Boy’s clubs. Was free and the children had a place to play sports and swim. USA need to fix the children. It is the job of the parent to fix the children. Need a father and a mother. Safe place to live.

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