Tired of single life 
Abhor solitude
Longing to love
All day long attitude

Delicate gates of life
Cates served at the table
Dicate to lead love
Deligate man is able.

Surge of promiscuity
Silent Solomon has blossom
Indecisive whom to take deity
How many girls will see mom?

It’s Christmas vacation 
End year of relationships and fall
Nonsense notion
Which girl shall I call?

Dream of Diani with cute Diana
By the beach Watching Sunset
If she acts ruthless,Ruth is in Havana
Longing for my set.

The smell of cool breeze
Reminds me of Jasmine
And Lavender, out of this cold, I freeze
Scents with hidden mean’
© Jmoresay


  1. -Your words are fabulous.
    -You have such a powerful way with words.
    -Comments are a wonderful gift,I love the poem and the emotions that came out of the poem.
    -You’re truly gifted.Keep it up 👏.

    Liked by 1 person

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