If it failsWe go back home To find our waysThe missing piece aloneOur soul , our inner beauty From the evil world Happiness in equityWhere we find meaning of every word Healing from rejection swordWounds of friendly spearEchoes of their wordsOur heart spareEmbracing peace in satireFrom mental torture and depressionWe rained love in SaharaIt fade … Continue reading SOLITUDE HOME



MKU MEDICAL LABORATORY STUDENT ASSOCIATION 365¼ DAYS journey unveiled. The long rope with twingles untied. The end of the beginning. The birth of Last born. MKUMLSA we will deliverOur roles and endeavor focused foreverdissolution never.Blood drive campsMore fun and symposiums,Determined to fathom, we're champsScientific way our motto our asylum.© Jmoresay


The sun rising eveningRaining the raysHis heart singDance of reunion,he swayIrony of opaqueness awayLoves at first sightYoung souls off deathFancy promiscuous fightArgument beneathLies of centuries,right?He shot on fools dayPierce in her heartAncient tales sayBridge of artMadness all the way.Deep in fertilitySex is a flexWait… it’s anxietyA due hexCelibacy is sobriety.Christians praysGerminating love hopesSociety saysAt end … Continue reading BRIDGE

On the restoration of poetry: In Church, in life, in Christ

"No believer can ignore the curious fact that one-third of the Bible is written in verse. Sacred poetry is not confined to the Psalms, the Song of Songs, and Lamentations. The prophetic books are written mostly in verse. The wisdom books—Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes—are all poems, each in a different genre. There are also poetic … Continue reading On the restoration of poetry: In Church, in life, in Christ


Protesters chant slogans while marching during a protest to demand peaceful elections and justice for victims of post-election violence in Nairobi, Kenya, on June 23, 2022 Following the awaiting of General election results in the country(Kenya). We keep advocating for peace all over the country. It is our prayer that it remains calm despite the … Continue reading SHUN VIOLENCE


Election dayTransition day,Hakuna matataReflected by banter9th Sun is belowIt won’t turn all yellowFive years next?Politician orphanReminisce the pastSurpassed hell castPeace,no more 20072022 is heavenNo violence what next?Glue in mindReligious heralds pleedOf ethics let’s heedSword double edgedTo seculars and agedSpread next?Rooted togetherOne nation,not dissectIrrational in leaders electDemocracy in fieldNational Anthem,our shieldAfter election,what next?Vigilance potrayMwaure's calmnessWajackoyah’s confidenceRuto’s … Continue reading WHAT NEXT?


Curtain raised Shadow display Audience in dismay Genesis play. Background throbs Favorite tune A tribune Art of life. Purpose? Clinged or dilapidated? Felt the rock hit, pain? Dance up and gain. Clever teasers Beside thee Wake and flee Off the hook Find favorite Audience Play purported tune Before long gone Curtain close. © Jmoresay


I see so many fighting against this “toxic masculinity” concept for too longToxic masculinity is just an absence of masculinityThe concept isn't toxic, it's just that weak men cannot handle it, so they label it as toxic.And masculinity needs guidance, otherwise its chaos and kind of immaturity.