Dark confessionSpill from the heartsoul naggingdeep wound secret The strong one needslove the most.In solitude Indecisive thoughtshugs of blacks withinA beautiful thief ,came unawareShe has stolen loners heart.The settings sunGolden sky paintinglegendary artIt dawns, love is a beautiful thing.Darkest night.© Jmoresay



The sun rising eveningRaining the raysHis heart singDance of reunion,he swayIrony of opaqueness awayLoves at first sightYoung souls off deathFancy promiscuous fightArgument beneathLies of centuries,right?He shot on fools dayPierce in her heartAncient tales sayBridge of artMadness all the way.Deep in fertilitySex is a flexWait… it’s anxietyA due hexCelibacy is sobriety.Christians praysGerminating love hopesSociety saysAt end … Continue reading BRIDGE