Tired of single life Abhor solitude Longing to love All day long attitude Delicate gates of life Cates served at the table Dicate to lead love Deligate man is able. Surge of promiscuity Silent Solomon has blossom Indecisive whom to take deity How many girls will see mom? It’s Christmas vacation End year of relationships … Continue reading EVERY YOUNG MANS DREAM



The sun rising eveningRaining the raysHis heart singDance of reunion,he swayIrony of opaqueness awayLoves at first sightYoung souls off deathFancy promiscuous fightArgument beneathLies of centuries,right?He shot on fools dayPierce in her heartAncient tales sayBridge of artMadness all the way.Deep in fertilitySex is a flexWait… it’s anxietyA due hexCelibacy is sobriety.Christians praysGerminating love hopesSociety saysAt end … Continue reading BRIDGE

On the restoration of poetry: In Church, in life, in Christ

"No believer can ignore the curious fact that one-third of the Bible is written in verse. Sacred poetry is not confined to the Psalms, the Song of Songs, and Lamentations. The prophetic books are written mostly in verse. The wisdom books—Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes—are all poems, each in a different genre. There are also poetic … Continue reading On the restoration of poetry: In Church, in life, in Christ


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