Protesters chant slogans while marching during a protest to demand peaceful elections and justice for victims of post-election violence in Nairobi, Kenya, on June 23, 2022

Following the awaiting of General election results in the country(Kenya). We keep advocating for peace all over the country. It is our prayer that it remains calm despite the tension.

I wrote this piece for peace:

Another dawn
Eyes on display
Tension shawn
Anxious for final say
The fifth President to be,pawn
Whoever wins, deserve anyway.

Change for better
We fought for men In government
Forgotten then, we are clever
Awaken in unity we are meant
Call of separation, Never!
A Nation to bleed again, we can’t.

Soldiers of peace
Fight shadows of violence
Parade in unity,one face,
One nation, new history, transcendence
Advocate of greedy power, no chance.

Thy parents pray
No war, no fight
For politicians needs,but why?
Old scar for dark night
Burnt houses and people,display
Safety in bushes, horrible sight.

Tribal fight, neither won
Fruits of separation
Left a mark,torn souls.
Peace campaign, amend all.
Ye seek men and women, match, may PEACE LEAD.
© Jmoresay


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